Installation Requirements

A few fixes to issues with installation or getting ethOS downloaded for the first time.

As ethOS is a mobile operating system that requires some steps to upload on your own, you may run into some issues with buying phones which are not OEM unlocked or issues with installation.

Pre-Requisites for Installation

  • Phone is OEM Unlocked (How to Check)
  • Use a USB cable fit for data-transfer
  • Phone is not a Verizon locked version (How to check)

Common Fixes:

  • Check out this guide written by @Matt D from our discord - found here​
  • (Windows) Update your Android Driver - Select the “Android Bootloader Interface” update
  • Update your OS to Android 12
  • Enable “USB Debugging” in settings > developer options

If you've gotten this far & still have no luck, message us on discord and we'll see if we can help!