Light Node

Next level decentralization


One of the most, if not the most important App on the device. Connecting to Ethereum has never been more permissionless; from any location where you have service, while running transactions through your own private light node.

Decentralization is entering it's next phase.

Using the App

Opening the app will prompt you with a screen which gives you the option to turn your light client on/off.

The ethOS logo in the status bar, if highlighted, signifies that the light node is set to ON. You will also see the latest blocks loading icon & a Chain emoji ⛓️ once the node finds blocks. You will see the latest blocks appear once the node is successfully connected & ready to run transactions.

At the moment, ethOS only supports the Nimbus Light client implementation, which is enough to run your local transactions through your ethOS node. However, in the future, we plan to support Helios & other light clients in the name of more decentralization.

What is a light node?

A light node is a lightweight, less resource-intensive Ethereum node that instead of downloading every block, downloads only the block headers containing a summary of the information within the blocks. If a light node needs additional information contained in a block, it must request it from a full node.