Build your own device

Build your own or use the web installer!

As ethOS is open-source, you can compile ethOS for any device using the code found in our github repo.

However, future OTA updates may not be pushed to your device. We will do our best to keep up with the latest device releases.

If you have a device aside from the Pixel 7a, you can follow these easy steps to install on your device:


  1. Before installing any new operating system, boot up your phone on it's current OS
  2. Go to settings and find the OEM lock toggle, unlock the OEM
  3. Follow the instructions on our web-installer at: [COMING SOON]

Again, you can compile ethOS for a device not supported by our foundation (non Google Pixel 7a) by following the steps here:

As a note, since we do not support these devices, any updates we make may not transfer over to these unsupported devices.

Feel free to ask on discord if you need any help!