A Web3 browser built for interoperability


Why not just use Brave or another similar browser?

What makes 'Three' unique is the ability to seamlessly connect to the native wallet & dapps, without app switching. The onboard system wallet ensures you can easily use dapps, make transactions with just a tap, all without having to worry about your wallet. A reimagined transaction UX for the next wave of users.

ethOS' Three Browser is based on the open source "Scoute-Dich" browser as a native way to access the internet.

Using the app

The Three Browser is the default browser on the ethOS system, and as mentioned above, one massive change is connecting to dapps natively. When you connect to dapps with your ethOS wallet, you can sign/transact on mobile with just the local dialogue. You can also use Metamask & other mobile wallets/wallet connect if you’d like.

When using the 3 browser, please be aware that we’ve made modifications so that dapp websites can seamlessly connect to the ethOS wallet. Just select the "Detected Wallet" Option or Metamask to connect your onboard wallet.

== Disclaimers ==

1 - On most dapp sites, as referenced above, you need to select Metamask when you want to connect your system-level wallet to a dapp. This is a workaround for now, there will be a better solution in subsequent versions.

2 - This disclaimer shows up the first time you open the 3 browser