Your onboard asset manager.


The onboard wallet is connected to an ethOS native app called the Wallet Manager. An ethereum address is generated when you first install ethOS on your mobile device, which can be found in the "About Phone" under the settings.

This address serves as your personal ethOS mobile device address which works across all EVMs and is managed by the wallet manager when connecting to dApps or ethOS native Apps.

Using the app

When you open the Wallet Manager, you’ll notice that your address is listed at the top, just as standard in web3 wallets. You can copy your address here by tapping.

To Send:

  1. Choose an address in your contacts, an ENS address or use the QR Code scanner.
  2. Enter the amount you’d like to send
  3. Accept the transaction gas fees & wait
  4. Check the status of the transaction via the etherscan page

To Receive:

  1. Send your native wallet ETH address to the sending address or open your address QR Code.
  2. Check the etherscan transaction that was sent to your address to confirm

To Buy:

  1. We currently only have a suggested onramp to your wallet, via Ramp Network. You can input your wallet address there if you’d like to purchase funds to your native wallet. However, please read the disclaimers below when purchasing any significant amount of ether.

To view your tokens:

  1. Click on Manage my tokens, which will send you in the Three browser to MyCrypto
  2. Connect your native wallet & accept the transation
  3. View & manage your tokens within your native wallet.
  4. We will add management functionality to the Wallet app in the near future.

== Disclaimers ==

  1. Please do not hold any significant amount of funds on the ethOS native wallet. This wallet is not cold storage, and we are not security devs. At the moment, this is a feature to be used for testing the capabilities of having a native wallet on mobile. ethOS is not liable for funds lost on the device.
  2. The wallet can only send ETH at the moment, ERC-20 & ERC-721 tokens are not viewable but are planned for an upcoming release.
  3. The transactions list showing the transactions in the wallet is only for sending ETH tokens at the moment, not minting NFT transactions or any message signing txns.

What’s Next