Use ethOS in an emulator

For developers or running ethOS on desktop

  1. First download the zip file with the image from here:
    1. If you don't have android studio, you can start by downloading it here.
  2. Add it to Android Studio by going into the folder where your Android SDK is located.
  3. Create a folder called “android-32” in the system-images folder.
  4. Create a folder inside the “android-32” folder that is called “default”.
  5. Extract the x86 folder from the zip into the “default” folder.
  6. Once that is done you can create a new device in android studio with ethOS. It should be marked under "LineageOS" under x86 Images or “other images”.

Great! You should now be able to run ethOS in Android studio with all the feature's built in.

We will periodically update ethOS, so be on the lookout for changes to the Repo.