🖼️NFT Mint

JPGs on the go


A web3 mobile device like is unique in that it can do things desktops cannot. Minting NFTs from your camera roll or by just taking a photo is also not enabled from the Apple App Store or Google Play without taking a cut of gas fees.

With the Mint app, you can mint NFTs straight to Ethereum or L2s straight from your camera roll with only a few clicks & the cost of gas.

Using the App

Open the Mint App and you’ll be greeted with a basic way to leverage minting any photo as an NFT straight to mainnet or any L2, by way of your native wallet.

To mint:

1 - Choose your chain from the dropdown and make sure your native wallet is topped up enough gas

2 - Take or upload a photo you’d like to mint

3 - Give it a title & description

4 - Accept the transaction, wait for minting & BOOM there’s your NFT

5 - To view, follow the link to Opensea & connect your native wallet

You can also view the entire ethOS collection of NFTs minted from every active ethOS phone here.

== Disclaimers ==

1 - While ethOS enables you to mint any .jpg to ethereum that you want, ethOS does not take any ownership, liability or responsibility over what ethOS Mint is used to mint NFTs for.

2 - Minting can take some time, so if you see a loading screen, please wait for the transaction to finalize.