"Just text me" but in the metaverse


The messenger app is a first-of-it's-kind dual decentralized/SMS messaging app. Weaving in the XMTP decentralized messaging protocol with the already mobile native SMS messaging protocol, this app differentiates the sending parameters & let's you know which protocol is being used based on color.

Using the app

Open up the Messenger app & you’ll be prompted to connect your system wallet. Sign the message & your native wallet can be used to message ENS names, ethereum addresses or SMS phone numbers.

In your settings of the app, you can find & copy your system wallet address, which you can share to add others to message over XMTP!

To message someone, add them as a contact:

  1. Go to the Contacts app
  2. Enter a name & phone number, wallet address or ENS domain
  3. Save the contact
  4. Go back to ethOS Messenger & start messaging!

== Disclaimers ==

  1. As XMTP Messages are decentralized, it may take a few minutes to relay each message.
  2. Emojis do not work currently with XMTP Messages
  3. Incoming messages from wallet addresses not in your contact book are not currently permitted.