ethOS light node with Metamask

Since smartphones do not traditionally host their own Ethereum nodes, the Metamask mobile wallet defaults to interacting with the Ethereum network via nodes that are hosted in the cloud, by a service provider called Infura.

But ethOS is different.

Because each ethOS device hosts its own Ethereum light node, users have the option to transact on the blockchain using the light node in their pocket. To do so, you need to redirect your Metamask wallet’s network from the “Ethereum Main Network” default setting, to the Ethereum light node on your device.

Happily, the Metamask mobile wallet makes this rather easy.

Here are the steps, along with a video walk-though:

  1. Open Metamask, and select the Settings option from the hamburger menu in the upper left.
  2. Select the Networks option from the Settings menu, then tap on the Add Network button.
  3. Fill in the custom RPC details for your ethOS Ethereum light node:
    • In the Network Name field type “ethOS light client” (or whatever you’d like to name it)
    • In the RPC Url field type “http://localhost:8545”
    • In the Chain ID field type “1”
    • In the Symbol field type”ETH”
    • Leave the Block Explorer URL field blank
    • Click on the Add button
  4. Your Metamask wallet will now indicate that your are connected to ethOS light client instead of Ethereum Main Network, and you can now toggle back and forth between the two at any time by tapping that field in your Metamask wallet

Link to video guide

If you have any questions or issues with your ethOS light client, please come talk to us in the Discord!

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