Check if your phone is OEM Unlocked

Quick guide on checking for OEM unlock

As ethOS is a mobile software that requires some steps to upload on your own, you may run into some issues with buying phones which are not OEM unlocked.

Here's how to check:

  1. Bootup your phone
  2. Navigate to your settings > System > Developer Options
    1. If Developer options is not enabled, go to "About Phone" find the "Build Number" and tap on it 5+ times.
  3. OEM Unlock is an option in Developer options to slide

If Greyed out:

  1. Enable OEM unlock
    1. Navigate to settings > About phone
    2. at the bottom is the “build number” - tap 5 times to enable developer options
    3. This should already be enabled if phone is OEM unlocked
  2. Connect to the Internet (this has helped some phones re-enable OEM unlock)
  3. Check for Verizon version​
  4. Press & hold the volume button, then press & hold the power button